Preparing your garden for spring

Spring is in the air …well some days you can almost smell it ūüôā

But when is the right time to start spring cleaning your garden…
There’s no harm in clearing up¬†debris and¬†twigs and¬†branches but before you walk on the soil check first that it’s no longer wet enough to form a ball in your hand.¬† If this happens then give it more time, don’t wait too long, you’ll find it¬†much¬†simpler to¬†start cutting back plants and hedges before¬†any new growth gets caught up or tangled¬†amongst the old.

If you’re unsure of what to do with regards to pruning and cutting back grasses/bushes/trees/plants always consult a professional. Cairns Tree Surgery is based in Erskine, Renfrewshire and offer tree and plant care advice to our customers as well as a range of services including garden tidy, hedge trimming and maintenance, pruning, fencing, tree felling and much more.

For professional advice on how to prepare your garden for spring  contact us today!

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