Autumn Tree Care Advice

Autumn tree care adviceAs  the days begin to shorten, now is a good time to spot dead wood in the crowns of broadleaf trees before leaf fall. As a Professional and Certified Arborist, nothing bothers me more than the incorrect pruning of trees. Since tree growth differs from shrubs and their growth rate is slower, incorrect pruning of trees can permanently destroy growth and lead to a weakened plant.

There are a few general rules that apply to the pruning of trees:
1.Leave the pruning of large or high limbs to professional companies employing certified Arborists.
2.Never put anything on the pruning cuts as this only hinders the tree’s ability to seal off the injury.
3.Never top a tree or allow anyone to top your tree for you (unless it’s been surveyed first).
4.Do not prune more than 25% of a tree’s canopy in a single pruning.

To contact a professional arborist at Cairns Tree Surgery call 0141 812 7770 today.

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