Put Your Garden to Bed for Winter

Putting your garden to bed for winter is mostly a matter of cleaning up and covering up but it could also save your home and your family from the next big winter storm!

Take advantage of any break in the weather to have a look around your garden….what needs done?

Start by clearing out any blackened stems and foliage of flowers and vegetables and then make general repairs such as stabalising that wobbly fence. Storm force winds can easily dislodge boards and pieces of the fence to create flying debris.

Look Up!  Check there are no branches hanging near your home or electrical wires, remember  these branches could become heavy as the result of ice gathering on them and should they break, (depending on the size), the result could be disastrous, requiring help from more than a 24 hour plumber.  Be careful when pruning trees as incorrect pruning can permanently destroy growth and lead to a weakened plant.

Look Down!  Check the stability of your trees, too much rain can weaken tree roots causing large trees to topple over onto your property.

Do you have garden chairs or other furniture outside? Do you have lightweight garden structures or other types of decorative items ? If so, any of these items could easily be picked up by high winds. Once airborne, these items can smash into the side of your home or a neighboring property and damage siding and windows. Store them safely in your garden shed/garage or sheltered area.

If your unsure of anything in your garden, or would rather hand over your winter tidy to a professional contact Cairns Tree Surgery on 0141 812 7770.



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