• Advice on Pruning

    Most plants will benefit from regular maintenance and pruning. But it can be confusing knowing when to prune what. Many flowering and fruiting plants prefer to be pruned while they are dormant in late winter through early spring. Some spring blooming trees and shrubs, will begin showing new buds as soon as the old buds are gone. These will need to be pruned soon after flowering, or you may risk pruning off the new buds with the old. Other plants need to be continually pruned and dead-headed, so that they continue to flourish.

    Pruning at the wrong time of year can result in less fruits and flowers, but usually won’t do any harm to the plant itself. The exception to this is pruning too late in the season and encouraging alot of tender, new growth that will be killed with the onset of winter.

    Flowering Trees, Shrubs and Vines

    The most confusing group of plants, when it comes to pruning times, is flowering trees and shrubs. A general rule of thumb is to prune summer and autumn flowering trees and shrubs in late winter or early spring (The dormant season) and to prune spring flowering trees and shrubs soon after their flowers fade. The confusion comes with plants like hydrangeas,clematis and roses; some of these flower in spring, some in summer or autumn, some flower repeatedly.

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  • Is too much rain killing my trees?

    We have more than our fair share of the wet stuff in the west of Scotland.

    Most people know that too little rain is not good for their garden, but are surprised to find that too much rain can kill trees and plants too.   Waterlogged soil could be starving your tree and plant roots of oxygen, slowly suffocating them.  Sadly, lots of trees, plants and shrubs that weathered the severe winter are now going into decline.
    The signs of trees/plants affected by too much water are very similar to those affected by not enough water.  If you need help with identifying this Cairns Tree Surgery are offering customers a FREE health check.

    We will check for: stability of roots, correct size and colour of bark and foliage, security of branch attachment, overall shape and health of the tree. As well as giving you advice on planting new trees, different types of safe pruning to get light into your garden without damaging the tree.

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  • Autumn Tree Care Advice

    Autumn tree care adviceAs  the days begin to shorten, now is a good time to spot dead wood in the crowns of broadleaf trees before leaf fall. As a Professional and Certified Arborist, nothing bothers me more than the incorrect pruning of trees. Since tree growth differs from shrubs and their growth rate is slower, incorrect pruning of trees can permanently destroy growth and lead to a weakened plant.

    There are a few general rules that apply to the pruning of trees:
    1.Leave the pruning of large or high limbs to professional companies employing certified Arborists.
    2.Never put anything on the pruning cuts as this only hinders the tree’s ability to seal off the injury.
    3.Never top a tree or allow anyone to top your tree for you (unless it’s been surveyed first).
    4.Do not prune more than 25% of a tree’s canopy in a single pruning.

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  • Caring for your garden hedge

    A well maintained hedge can provide, privacy, security and a good boundary to your garden but without regular trimming it can soon lose it’s shape and grow out of control.

    Your formal evergreen hedges should be trimmed two-three times a year while they are actively growing.  Fast-growing Conifer hedges such as Leyandii need particular attention or can very soon outgrow their location.

    Tips for looking after your hedges –

    1. Water during dry periods

    2. Feed mid summer

    3. Trim spring or autumn

    4. If cutting conifers – trim by the natural contour of the hedge

    5. Cutting the side of conifers too hard leads to sun and wind scorching causing leaf needles to go brown.

    6. If cutting an old Beech or Privet hedge – do it in stages with a break in between i.e. hard cut top down and do the sides next year (less of a shock to an elderly hedge)

    If you are not confident, don’t have the tools or feel you are not fit for the job then contact Cairns Tree Surgery in Erskine.  Our professional tree surgeons will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

    We can provide advice on tree and plant care as well as services such as: hedge trimming, pruning, felling, fencing, garden tidy and landscaping. We cover Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton, Houston, Bridge of Weir, Kilmacolm,Langbank, Paisley, Glasgow and much of West Central Scotland.

  • Winter Tree Care Tips

    Looking after your trees and shrubs in Winter






    Snow and ice build up on the branches of our trees and shrubs. If snow piles up on your evergreens try to carefully brush it away removing the excess weight from the branches. If the snow does not remove easily do not shake the branches. This can cause breakage and damage. If the tree or shrub is covered with ice permit nature to take its course and allow the ice to melt naturally. If your garden/landscape does suffer any damage from winter storms it is recommended to remove any broken limbs to avoid stress and disease to the plant. This can be done when the weather allows

  • Safe Contractor Accreditation


    After many hours in the office checking rewriting and training we have achieved Safe Contractor Status from Alcumus.

    You know you’re in safe hands with CTS! 👍

  • Put Your Garden to Bed for Winter

    Putting your garden to bed for winter is mostly a matter of cleaning up and covering up but it could also save your home and your family from the next big winter storm!

    Take advantage of any break in the weather to have a look around your garden….what needs done?

    Start by clearing out any blackened stems and foliage of flowers and vegetables and then make general repairs such as stabalising that wobbly fence. Storm force winds can easily dislodge boards and pieces of the fence to create flying debris.

    Look Up!  Check there are no branches hanging near your home or electrical wires, remember  these branches could become heavy as the result of ice gathering on them and should they break, (depending on the size), the result could be disastrous, requiring help from more than a 24 hour plumber.  Be careful when pruning trees as incorrect pruning can permanently destroy growth and lead to a weakened plant.

    Look Down!  Check the stability of your trees, too much rain can weaken tree roots causing large trees to topple over onto your property.

    Do you have garden chairs or other furniture outside? Do you have lightweight garden structures or other types of decorative items ? If so, any of these items could easily be picked up by high winds. Once airborne, these items can smash into the side of your home or a neighboring property and damage siding and windows. Store them safely in your garden shed/garage or sheltered area.

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  • Time for a Health Check

    Now that we’re in a more settled period of weather, it’s a good time to check the health of your trees.

     – Check for soil cracks around the base of the tree.

    – Has one side lifted?

    – Or is leaning  to one side

    – Is there any hung up or broken limbs

    If there is anything you are unsure of or if you need some advice call Cairns Tree Surgery out for a free inspection, phone us today on 0141 812 7770


  • Tree Damage from Storm Abigail

    Here we go again! Scotland’s winter has arrived and this evening brings the first big winter storm  ‘Abigail’ or A-BIG-GAIL (I’ve a feeling she may have picked up a few other nick names along the way).

    I hope you’ve secured your garden furniture? We don’t want you starring in the next ‘Trampoline’ video posted on Facebook.

    Curl up on the sofa, stay safe and just in case….

    Here’s some helpful advice should you be faced with storm damage caused by tree fall.

    After a storm, there is always a big clean up process that all property owners face. The trouble is that most people will look at the devastation and don’t have any idea which trees can be saved and which trees cannot be saved. That’s where an expert tree service comes into the picture. An experienced arborist will come out and access the situation on your property. They will be able to tell you which trees can be saved or not. When it comes to trees, they have seen everything.

    Their experience means that they have vast knowledge to help you solve problems in any storm clean up scenario. Some trees will require a simple trim to survive. Others may need to be staked and supported, while others will unfortunately need to be removed.

    You should keep in mind that, when it comes to trees in storms, there are basically six types of storm damage. For example, there are blow overs, stem failures, root failures, branch failures, crown twists and lightning problems. It is true that trees are strong, however, even the strongest tree will reach a crisis point.

    A professional tree service will make every effort to save as many trees as possible. They know that your safety and your family’s safety is first priority. If we believe that lightning damage, wind damage or any kind of damage has occurred which could potentially threaten your family or your property, we will do an assessment and work with you to solve the problem. For example, if a tree has come down on a power line, that could be a serious risk for you and your family. In such a case it is obvious that the tree must be removed as soon as possible. Such a delicate operation will require the services of tree removal professionals who will have the proper equipment and carry proper liability insurance. Not only that, they must have knowledge of power lines and electricity to safely rectify what could be a potentially dangerous situation. As everyone knows, downed and damaged power lines can spell death and disaster.

    Remember after the storm to contact a firm that specialises in all aspects of tree care. You should feel confident, that after careful inspection, your trees will be tended with an eye to saving as many as possible. In most cases much of the damaged vegetation will simply require a trim, or a topping. No matter what the time of day or night these experts can get the job expertly attended to.

    We will be on emergency standby upon storm prediction across Renfrewshire and the West of Scotland. Able to quickly reach areas such as Erskine, Bishopton, Inchinnan, Paisley, Glasgow, Houston, Bridge of Weir, Kilbarchan, Kilmacolm, Langbank, Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock. Call us on 0141 812 7770

  • Scotstorm January 2015

    It’s been a wild start to 2015 with winter storms rolling in off the Atlantic and battering the North and West coasts of Scotland . Here’s just a couple of examples of the dangerous situations the team at Cairns Tree Surgery have cleared over the past few days.

    IMG_2997 IMG_2998

    The above images show before and after images of removal of fallen tree.



    The above image shows the devastation caused by this fallen tree


    The above image shows the immediate danger posed to residents by this fallen tree.


    Again you can see the danger and damage caused by the fallen tree


    Here you can see how the team at Cairns Tree Surgery have worked to remove the main branches posing danger to the structure and house residents.


    Gradually the tree is cut back and the area becomes safe again and ready for structural repairs.


    Should you be faced with a similar emergency this winter call 0141 812 7770